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How to Start Your Own Highly Profitable Home-Based Bookkeeping Service

A home-based bookkeeper.Have you dreamed of being your own boss, having your own business, and setting your own work hours. To most people this may seem simply out of reach do to the high start-up costs of opening a normal store-front business,  along with your possible lack of experience running a company.

You don't need to rent a fancy store-front operation, I can show you how you can work from your home. You don't even have to leave your present job. You can work part-time until you have sufficient income to tell your boss good-bye, among other things!

Freelance bookkeepers are in big demand even during these economic downturns, because businesses realize that if they aren't careful with their money, they soon won't be in business! As a result, bookkeeping can be a good business year in and year out for you.

Many small businesses outsource their bookkeeping work, and there are lots of individuals and families who simply want someone else to manage their record-keeping for them.

Think of it this way, as a bookkeeper, you can help a lot of people. Even if you think you'd never be able to run a company, with basic accounting skills, some simple software and your hard work, you can be off and running very quickly with your own home-based bookkeeping service.

You might ask, "What are the benefits or advantages to starting a bookkeeping business anyway?" A good question, well to start off, bookkeeping is a very low-cost and low-risk venture to launch. No big brick-and-mortar storefront needed, what's more you can run your entire business out of your house.

Further good news is, is the fact that you don't have to hire employees and can run your bookkeeping company as a one-person business as long as you choose. Freelance bookkeeper's charge anywhere from $25 to $60 an hour. In addition, your work schedule can be flexible: part-time, regular business hours, evenings, weekends, it's always up to you.

Now the sober reality, of course, this is not a get rich quick scheme, you actually do have to work. Success takes time and effort.

However, the good news is; a home bookkeeping business is as close as it comes to a recession proof business. When the economy is strong, people will be starting new businesses and will therefore need a bookkeeper. When the economy is weak, businesses will need to watch and account for every penny, again resulting in a demand for bookkeepers.

In fact, bookkeeping is a necessary duty to running all businesses. So, every business, small or large, needs a bookkeeper, as it's a legal requirement to keep a record of all income and expenses.

Further, as mentioned, bookkeeping is a business that doesn’t require any stock, or staff. it has low overheads, flexible working days and a high level of demand. Bookkeeping is also easy to learn if necessary and no prior bookkeeping experience is needed. 

In summary, ask yourself; "Can you see yourself offering home-based bookkeeping services?" And, "Are you detail-oriented, organized ,and do you love working with numbers, ledgers, and balance sheets."

Also, bookkeeping could be the right career path for you, if you are a self-starter as well as want flexibility and convenience, then you may have what it takes.

Put these together and you've got a home-based bookkeeping business!

Whatever path you follow, good fortune;

Jane A Emerson

    (With Jane A Emerson's new book "How to Start Your Own Home-Based Bookkeeping Service" You'll learn how-to grow a home-based business of your own."